Hello.com App Download for Android, iOS, APK Download

Hello App Download

Hello.com App is the new social media app for Android and iOS users from the founder of Orkut! Remember Orkut? It was back bone of social media network when Facebook was released. 😛 Orkut was one of the biggest social network in its period which was shut down in 2014. Over the years Orkut was loved by over 300 million people and finally back with Hello.com Social network app which connects you with the people in a unique way 😉

What Makes Hello.com Social Network App Unique?

Well, the name speaks all! According to the founder of Orkut, Hello is almost the same in any language and with the intention to connect people all around the world, we named it as “Hello” 😛 The reason it’s unique is concept is because Hello.com App let’s you connect with the people who share your interests, follow your passion and are just like you! This way, you can easily get a chance to connect with people who reflect you by using Hello App.

This is not a single feature that makes it special, there are many other features which you must watch out before you download Hello.com app on your Android and iOS devices. 😀

Hello.com App Features

Hello.com App stands apart from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook in many ways. It’s a unique concept that makes me use this app right away! Although, it’s the initial stage, we can’t say much that how much popular it’s going to be in the coming days. We hope that Orkut’s hard work pays off. 🙂 Not talking much about the future, let’s have a look at the Hello.com App features now!

Hello.com App Download

The above image speaks all about the app. Still didn’t get it? Here’s what you need to know about the Hello.com App amazing features:

  1. By using Hello.com App it’s easy to connect with people who share your passions. 😀
  2. Only see the content which is relevant to your interests. By doing this, you can keep the junk stuff away from your Hello App timeline.
  3. Create connections with those who share your passions, interests etc., and say Hello to them.
  4. This is the only app most probably where you can be yourself.
  5. Besides sharing your passions publicly, you can also explore the new ones 🙂
  6. With hello.com it’s possible to choose personas more than hundred that reflect yourself.
  7. The way you explore more personas and passions, the app understands you and grows with you.
  8. Discover various communities on the list of your interests and get involved in few of them. Don’t get completely involved in it 😛
  9. With these many options to connect with people, it’s always easy to reach the audience that you are looking for. Business minded people, this is for you 😛 So get ready to try out Hello.com App for your businesses just like you use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for promotions.
  10. It’s also possible to contribute the content in which you are interested in. By doing this, you can earn reputation, attain status and maybe you can get few girls or boys go crazy at you. Attraction is everywhere 😛
  11. Express yourself, your interests, passions and build a reputation on this amazing social network. You can also unlock achievements and earn rewards for the same.
  12. Hello.com is all fun of games in a social network. This is what we can say!

So we hope that you liked the outstanding features of Hello.com App, the one and only social network app to connect with passionate people 😀

Hello.com App Download for Android & iOS

Now let’s see from where you can download the Android and iOS app so that you can join the trending social network before it goes viral 😉 Let’s first start with the Hello.com Android App download. Here you go!

Hello.com Android App Download

To download the Hello Android app, you obviously need visit Google Play store. Take a note that Hello app will only work on Android 5.0 and newer versions. Here’s what you need to do to download Hello.com Android app

Step 1: Visit Play.Google.com

Step 2: Now search for Hello.com Social Network app in the search bar.

Step 3: Once you see the Hello.com App created by Hello Network, just tap on install button

Step 4: Wait for the installation process to complete 😛

Step 5: Once it’s done, you can go social right away!

If you don’t want to run the above process, you can easily download the Hello.com App from the below given links:

Download it from here

So this is how you can download the Hello.com Android app from the Google Play store. Now let’s see how you can download Hello.com iOS app.

Download Hello.com iOS App

The overall process is similar to that of Google Play store, so I am not going to explain how to download the app from iTunes store, instead I am going to provide you a direct link to the Apple’s iTunes store to download Hello.com iOS App. Here’s the link to download Hello iOS app.

Click here to download

Hello.com iOS App Download

So this is how the iPhone app of Hello.com looks like. The interface is simple and the design is attractive as we expected Orkut team to do 🙂 Now that you have downloaded the Hello.com app on your Android and iOS devices respectively, let’s now move to the APK files so that the developers can have the fun as well 😛

Hello.com APK Download

I know the urgency shown you to get any APK file you need as soon as the app is released. The need to explore more from the developer’s point of view keeps me exciting all the time. And that’s the reason I am here with the Hello.com APK file download link. It’s probably one of the best social media apps ever witnessed by me, at least. Here you go!

Download the APK file here

Important Note: Hello is available in U.S, France, the U.K, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil and Ireland. It is expected that the app will be launched in India, Mexico and Germany by Büyükkökten and his team at the end of this month.

So we hope that you got enough information about the Hello.com App Download for Android and iOS platforms. Do share this awesome piece of content with your loved ones so that they know that what’s trending in social media apps 😉