IPhone: How to block phone numbers on any iPhone

Block phone numbers on any iPhone

Sometimes you get disturb when you get the unnecessary call from unwanted caller. You get unwanted calls from spammers, telemarketers and many callers you do not want to talk. Mostly you cannot unblock this number because it is identified as blocked, anonymous or private. They do not want to display their number using “No caller ID”. It doesn’t reflect your number and obviously you cannot block this number for this reason. But what if you want to block these unwanted calls? Panda helper ios is solution. We have given the processes of how to block “No Caller ID” on iPhone. This way you can rescue yourself being disturbed from the unwanted callers.

First process: Do Not Disturb System

Do not disturb mode is the safest mode for transferring the unwanted calls in the do not disturb mode. This will not block the calls but it will put the senseless calls in the silence mode.

  • First of all go to settings menu and find the do not disturb logo.
  • Manually turn on the do not disturb system.
  • You will see the moon icon in the status bar.
  • Tap allows calls form and choose all contacts.
  • Now all the unnecessary contacts that are not in the list of address book will be silenced.

Second Process: Using Contacts

  • You can sync the name with new caller id with the following procedure.
  • Launch the app and click on contacts.
  • tap The + buttons
  • write the phone number and tap on it
  • Tap on Block Caller and the message will pop up you will not receive any message or phone calls or FaceTime from this contact.

Third Process: Block the calls id by contacting to the cell phone service.

  • Most probably cellular carrier provides the feature to block the no caller id contacts into your device.
  • Hide your contacts by going through settings > Phone > Show my caller id and turn it off.
  • You can also find it easy going through settings > phone > call blocking and identification.

Here are the important processes for how to tutuApp vip without jailbreak from your device. Please check the mentioned processes to block the unwanted calls from your contacts menu.




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